One of the hardest parts about starting up a new site is the entry post. Besides the obvious warm welcome and insistence that big things are coming there isn’t anything much in the way of clichés left to say. Nevertheless to start things off we’re going to do a little bit of back peddling to when our minds first conceived journecology.

It all kind of started when Matt decided that his previous blog bordersandbackpacks (RIP… or perhaps a prolonged dormancy?) didn’t cover much in the way of science. As for me, I was pretty keen on blogging about veganism and environmentalism after a rather indulgent (yet still conscientious!) Euro-trip consisting of an unholy amount of plant-based food.


But where do I go from here..?


100% vegan brunch in Vienna – Velobus!

What resulted was an amalgamation of these interests in the form of this site. However, the real slug was trying to come up with a name that didn’t sound like a level one undergraduate class or something that was really tacky (a little bit of tack is ok). After much deliberation (in the form of Matt’s inevitable alliterations) or rather after losing patience we finally settled on journecology.

So what does journecology stand for? There’s obviously the ecology part, so the journ- prefix corresponds to journey and alternatively journal. It’s all about documenting ecotravel in the broadest sense. Another interesting way of thinking about it is that the suffix -ology corresponds to that which is learned. So we’re kind of hoping that the site teaches you something along the way.

Besides re-working some content that Matt has created, the two of us will be heading off to South America in February to blog about our journeys. We aim to fulfil the basic travel blogger needs (namely food, accommodation and transport – all with an eco edge where possible) as well as document our work with local organisations. In the meantime, Matt will be joining me in Hong Kong for Christmas and we’re hoping to do some work with the Hong Kong Shark Foundation and Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society.

Now that your appetite has been whet why not give us a follow, a share or keep refreshing the page so that our view count goes up and we feel good about ourselves. Either way, thanks for stopping by!






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