Most Eurotrippers tend to see Bratislava as a convenient stopover between Budapest and Vienna. Nevertheless the city’s eclectic, historic and somewhat perplexing combination of stylish coffeehouses and dilapidated side streets makes it well worth the visit. Here are some of the places I recommend if you’re only in Bratislava for a few days.

Bratislava castle

About a 25 minute walk from the centre of town, Bratislava castle is easily one of the main attractions in the city. The Baroque-style and minimalistic design is far from anything you might have seen in central Europe.


The castle’s design is reminiscent of an era devoid of ostentatious display, prioritising practicality instead

What’s more is the castle is located high on a hill on grounds which snake down into the old town meaning that you get some pretty cool views of the city.


Even on a rainy day, views of the Danube don’t disappoint

If you’re willing to pay you can also visit the Slovak National Museum Collection which is situated within the castle. If not, head to the Baroque gardens which are located behind the castle walls.


The Baroque gardens

Devin castle

Devin castle is situated in the borough of Devin, 30 minutes outside of Bratislava’s city centre. Unlike the infamous city Hrad, this castle is a ruin.


This part was cordoned off due to renovations but it still makes for a good picture!


The town of Devin

Entrance to the castle ruins costs only 1.50 euros and a 24-hour bus ticket will cost around 3.50 euros. To get to the castle you can take either bus 28 or 29 under Bratislava’s UFO bridge (Novy Most bus station). Alternatively you can run or cycle to Devin however if you’re tight for time like I was, I’d recommend the bus.


If you see the famous Bratislava ‘UFO’ you know you’re headed in the right direction

On site you can explore a 14th century chapel, craftsman’s workshop, famous gate, castle blocks and appreciate another stunning view of the Danube. Oh, and there are cute sheep and donkeys to see.


The age-old gate, though don’t get your hopes up, you can’t actually go through it


Leafy little trails, thuper magical


A donkey named Matt

Slavin war monument

Like most monuments in Bratislava, Slavin is also on a hill and also has a pretty nice view (though not of the Danube, the city instead). In all fairness however, what’s more interesting is the history behind the monument which commemorates those who lost their lives during the Second World War.


Views in front of the monument facing the Danube


To get to the monument it’s a 30-40 minute from the town centre which takes you through some residential areas. It’s not well sign-posted relative to other sights in Bratislava so it’s worth having a map on hand.


The sprawl

Brastislava old town (stari grad)

The old town is quite small so it won’t take long to cover ground. That being said the buildings are beautiful and there are some noteworthy things to see such as Cumil (the man in the ground), St. Michael’s tower and street, St. Martin’s Cathedral, Hviezdoslavovo Namestie statue, Fountain of St. George and the Dragon and many more!


St. Michael’s gate and street is also filled with great coffee shops


Man in the ground


Bratislava’s city hall building

It’s also worth exploring Kapitulska Street near St. Martin’s Cathedral and St. Elisabeth’s (Blue) Church.


St. Elisabeth’s church just outside of the city centre


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