Apologies for the serious delay between Part 3 and Part 4, but I was kinda in South America and also moving house so I think that’s a fair excuse… anyway! Senj is a cute little town half the way up the Croatian coast, which you probably won’t have heard of. I only dropped by for a couple of days so here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find.

What To Do

Well to be blunt we did very little, mainly rested. But since there was some time to kill the first stop was tourist info. Sadly the attendant was very unhelpful, perhaps a bit baffled that people had actually stopped by. Feeling quite put-off we made a hasty retreat. So the day here consisted of swimming in the picturesque harbour, enjoying the sunset and walking along the promenade – quite relaxing all in all.


Senjsasional sunset


Larking about at the harbour

Ask around for boats to the islands, I don’t think there’s anything official, but you may be able to pay a local to take you out to Krk, good luck getting back though!

There is a castle up on the hill. Since we’d just finished our ‘epic’ hike, we decided to rest the legs and enjoy it from a distance, which sometimes gives the best view. There is also a Griffin Vulture sanctuary which we only found out about after leaving. As a conservationist this was quite upsetting to miss, and I’ve read good things about the place. Definitely worth a stop off during the next Croatia road trip!


It’s not a great photo, but it’s the fort that counts…


Romantic and picturesque

Eat and Drink

Since Senj is a pretty sleepy and absent from any real tourism, you’re better off wandering to find some local cuisine. The likelihood is that this will be seafood, so for anyone wanting to avoid meat you’ll have your work cut out. That being said a few places have veggie options, Kod Veska for example.

Where To Stay

For the budget option, Hotel Art Senj is remarkably comfortable. Maybe this feeling was exaggerated after the discomfort of our long trek, but we all rested and showered very well in this cheap little complex – oh and there’s nothing arty about it at all…. It’s right at the end of the promenade on the south side. Beware, there was an added on charge at the end (still cheap though).  On the north  side there is ‘camping’, but it appears to be on concrete, not the most comfortable in my eyes. For higher end hotels the town has plenty, but they are generally a bit further out on the north side, all in walking distance, and all clearly visible.


We grabbed a relatively cheap coach (€7 each) up to Rijeka, which is a very picturesque drive. Similarly you can head down to Zadar or inland to the Plitvice Lakes. Parking in Senj would be a little tricky (unless you have a boat!), and the outskirts are quite run-down, so I wouldn’t recommend roadside parking.


Hmmm run -down, but kinda pretty too!

Senj is worth a stop off for a night or two. It’s very quiet and you can be sure to be some of the only tourists around. Hopefully you have more energy than we did so can make the most of this pretty little destination.



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