Matt Jarvis

My name is Matt, the other half of the journecology duo. You can often find me in uncomfortable wilderness situations with a digital camera, or in a warm room with a video editor and cup of coffee.


Creating video media is what gets me really excited, with wildlife and scientific filmmaking becoming my more recent focus.  Holding an MRes in Tropical Forest Ecology helps me to cast a scientific perspective on a lot of my media and as an aspiring science communicator, making informative films with beautiful visuals has become my passion. Opportunities worldwide have helped me progress with this goal, be them in an office, underwater, or up a tree! My dream is to one day work on high impact nature documentaries, which educate and inspire a new generation to appreciate our planet.

My successes so far have almost all been built upon personal projects, and self-teaching. I strongly believe a directed vision and innovative production are far more important than budget or gear.

I spent half of 2016 in Malaysia completing my thesis, and early 2017 travelling South America with Tory, where I blogged for LATAM airlines. Now I am based in Bristol UK, the world centre of wildlife filmmaking, to pursue my career.

If I’m not filming, I’ll be doing my best to get outdoors (in which case I’ll probably be filming!), playing badminton, or some form of musical instrument. The rest of the time I’ll be writing and producing for journecology, where I’ll be helping Tory by making videos, photos and articles about topics covering ecology, eco-travel, and conservation.