Matt Jarvis

My name is Matt, the other half of the journecology duo. You can often find me in uncomfortable wilderness situations with a digital camera, or in a warm room with a video editor and cup of coffee.


Creating video media is what gets me really excited, whether it be a short film, music vid, or nature documentary. The latter has become my more recent focus, which compliments my MRes degree in Tropical Forest Ecology. As an aspiring science communicator, making informative films with beautiful visuals has become my passion. Opportunities worldwide have helped me progress with this goal, be them in an office, underwater, or up a tree! My dream is to one day work on high impact nature documentaries, behind or in front of the camera.

For journecology, I’ll be helping Tory by producing videos and photos about our scientific ponderings, as well as accompanying her on our eco-journeys round the globe.