Marine Conservation Philippines (MCP) is a young non-profit organisation based in southern Negros Oriental, Philippines. They aim to conserve and protect the nearby underwater environment through marine research, campaigning and conservation efforts. As well as this they work alongside the local communities to raise awareness, implement larger scale conservation initiatives and educate young people about the importance of this fragile environment.

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articleRead about how MCP is run, what they do to help the oceans and how you can get involved.

Also explore the science behind the work, deeper research and long term aims.

videoCheck out our mini-documentary that overviews MCP including interviews from the founders and on site scientists.

Also see the mysterious night time sea-life, or enjoy a fun day trip to Apo (turtle) island.

galleryIf you’re feeling like something more relaxed, get an snapshot of MCP life through our photos. With land based and marine photography there’s a huge variety of wildlife around camp.