The SAFE (Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystems) Project is a huge scale ecological experiment in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. The project acts as an experimental area for ecologists to study ecosystem changes across three main areas: forest fragmentation, a gradient of deforestation, and riparian corridors (forest surrounding waterways). The project takes advantage of forest which is already destined for conversion to oil palm plantation, and has agreed with these organisations to preserve fragments for experimental purposes. SAFE project is not the cause of any deforestation. It is the brainchild of Dr. Rob Ewers of Imperial College London, and works with many environmental organisations based in Sabah to best protect this dramatically changing landscape.

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articleRead in more detail about the functioning of the SAFE project, and it’s long term aims.
Also explore individual scientist’s work and published papers, as well as individual stories from the field. 


Sit back and enjoy a video about what it’s life to live at the SAFE jungle research camp, or go on a hike up to Mt. Tambuku, the highest point in the SAFE project boundary.



Flick through pictures of wildlife and camp-life alike, as well as some powerful images depicting the changing landscapes in this part of the world.